As the state of Texas begins to open back up after the recent COVID-19 pandemic, families are facing a new kind of transition. The shift from structured schooling to long-distance learning was challenging for many parents and students. Juggling work schedules and child care along with online classes for each grade and life in general added more stress to an already stressful and worrisome situation. Thankfully, with the help of family, friends, and community members Texas is now ready to safely transition students back into their normal school environment. For parents of preschoolers, helping their children adapt yet again to a new routine may not come so easy. Below are a few tips and tricks that may be helpful during this time.

  1. Talk with them. Begin the discussion about going back to school in advance and continue to have this conversation with them a few more times before schooling starts. Talk about the fun projects they will work on and reassure them that you are never too far out of reach.
  2. Discuss your child’s COVID-19 experience with their teacher so they may better understand any current fears or worries your child may have about returning to school.
  3. Inform your child of the new drop off and pick up protocol before the first day. This way they are not saddened by you not being able to accompany them into their classroom as before.
  4. Talk about safe social distancing in the classroom. Prepare your child for a distanced classroom environment and discuss the importance of keeping their own space safe for them and their classmates, as teachers will be facing the challenging task of instilling new social distancing habits among a classroom of students. 
  5. Be patient. This transition may be as challenging as distance learning, if not more. It will take some time for parents, students, and teachers to get into the swing of this new “normal” teaching environment. 

Be sure to pay close attention to your child’s behavior during the first few weeks of schooling. Children are often ill-equipped to handle new and stressful situations no matter how prepared they may be simply because it is a new experience for them. If you have any issues or concerns during this time, maintain an open line of communication with your child’s caretakers and teachers. We are all in this together and must take the time to help one another adjust without judgment.