There’s a misconception that kids like us can easily verbalize their feelings, which is very wrong! Many times kids don’t even know the names of the feelings they are experiencing. Because they are unable to share their feelings, they start having meltdowns and start throwing temper tantrums. This is why it is really important to teach them the words for expressing their feelings. Basic emotions like happy, sad, scared, and mad can be taught at a very early age of 2 years. As they grow older, you can teach them emotions like nervousness, shyness, frustration, etc.

Here we listed some ways using which you can help them learn the language they need to express their emotions.

Using Activities and Games

Young children like to learn in a fun way by playing games. You can prepare the game at home by yourself. This is Feelings Charades. For this game, you can simply prepare a feelings cube and paste the pictures of faces showing emotions. Let your kiddo roll the box and act out the feeling that landed on the cube. This way they will easily know the words to the feelings.

Label the Feelings

Parents should get into the habit of labeling the emotions they believe their kiddo is experiencing. Like if they run up to you to hug you when you walk in, say them ‘Someone is excited to see me!’ Labeling the emotions this way will help them in building their vocabulary of emotions.

Praise Your Child When They Use Words to Express Their Emotions

When your kid comes to you and tells you how they are feeling instead of having a meltdown, praise them for doing so. Praising them for the good deeds they do make them more likely to do that again in the future. It also makes them feel that you are more involved and care about them.

Parents should know that it is important for children to identifying and appropriately expressing their feelings. Kids who can express their emotions are less likely to have temper tantrums and meltdowns. This helps them make friends real quick and it makes it easier for them to get along with others.

Kiddie Castle

If you are planning to send your kid to daycare, Kiddie Castle is the best place for you. We not only help them in their brain’s development but we also help the preschoolers in interpreting their feelings and emotions, which further help them in interacting appropriately with others.