If you are planning to send your child to a daycare, there are some questions that you should ask them to ensure the good growth of your child. Kiddie Castle understands how important a child’s early stage is in nurturing young learners. This is why to ease out this dilemma of choosing the right daycare for your kid, we are listing down the questions that you should ask the shortlisted daycares.

Number of Children Allowed

The daycare where your baby is about to go should not be overcrowded. There should be a very small number of children in a group so that each child gets proper attention from the guardian guarding your kid.

Frequency of Changing Staff Members

Daycare should not be moving their staff members on a very frequent basis. A child needs to stay with the same staff members and the same group of children during the development phase.

Length of Playtime

A daycare should ensure that there’s no staggering playground time and a good balance is maintained between all the activities that your kid is going to pursue.

Cleanliness of Facility

Every daycare should post their sanitizing and cleaning plan. The environment in which a child is going to stay should be clean and hygienic. And not just that they should be given proper learnings on this aspect.

Handling of Pick-Up and Drop-Off Facilities

If you are someone who is looking for a daycare with pick-up and drop-off facilities, then you should have a proper understanding of how this is going to function. You should ensure if your kid is going to be in safe hands and the occurrence of this should also happen in a very disciplined way.

General Childcare

You should understand what your child’s day is going to be like when they are in the daycare, what sort of food is going to be fed to them, what all activities they are going to get involved in, handling of behavioral or discipline problems, and many more general daycare concerns. This will help you in getting a clear picture of the daycare you are about to finalize.

Daycare Policies

You should be aware of all the policies that daycare has like vacation policy, sick-child policy, potty-training procedure, tuition & fees, and waitlist for admission.

Kiddie Castle Children’s Center

Knowing the preschool that you have shortlisted in-and-out is very important and should never be neglected if you want your child’s healthy and happy development. Reach out to us at Kiddie Castle Children’s Castle to answer any questions and receive quality daycare!