Private Preschool – Enroll Your Child in the Best Private Preschool

Education is a very important part of growing up in every child’s life. You can find a large number of preschools in and around almost any community, but you should always get to know what is in store for your child at the preschool. In order to achieve this, you must contact the private preschool of your choice and ask them to provide you with information regarding the school guidelines, schedules, programs, educational plans, enrollment costs, monthly fees, food and nutrition plans, etc.

Kiddie Castle Children’s Center has been serving the families in the neighborhood of Bryan, Texas for a long time. This private preschool has become one of the leading child care institutions that is highly dedicated and counts on a well trained team of teachers, assistants and office administrative staff that have maintained the quality of the education and care being provided to the children. Parents of children who are already attending the school frequently recommend our private preschool to their friends, family and acquaintances. We are known to be one of the best preschools that live up to the high standards that people have come to expect of us. Parents state that they have seen their children change positively and grow emotionally as well as intellectually while being a part of the Kiddie Castle Children’s Center family. You can also visit our website to read the reviews of a large number of satisfied parents who have a lot of good comments to share.

All parents who want their kids to go to a preschool should take time off their hectic daily schedule and spend some time with us. We encourage personal visits as long as a prior appointment is made. You can also browse through our website, which contains a lot of information and details that enlighten parents who are interested to get their children enrolled in our private preschool. Listed on this webpage are various details that answer to frequently asked questions, such as:

  • How to enroll your child?
  • What requirements are needed?
  • Which documents need to be presented?
  • Which programs are offered to the kids?
  • What is the daily schedule that your child’s class will follow?
  • What kind of food is served during meals?

By going through the various sections on our website, parents can get a lot of answers to their queries. You are also welcome to call us on the number mentioned on our webpage. Our staff will be more than happy to answer any questions or doubts and will assist you in getting to know our center. Parents and guardians of the kids who desire to enroll their children at our center are welcome to visit our prestigious institution to get more information and if you wish, a representative would be honored to give you a complete tour of our preschool.

While selecting a good and reliable private preschool there are a lot of factors that should be taken into consideration before choosing the ideal preschool for your toddler. Some of these factors are:

  • Safety and comfort of the children
  • Facilities for kids at the day care
  • Location and proximity to your residence
  • Recommendations
  • Staff consisting of skilled and dedicated personnel
  • Type of education
  • Extracurricular activities

All of these may sound simple, but this is what it takes to make a good private preschool succeed. At Kiddie Castle Children’s Center the staff incorporates education with fun and games and this is precisely what keeps the excitement alive in the fresh and young minds of the children. We also make sure that children get a sense of the festivals or events that are currently being celebrated by combining and entwining the day to day happenings along with our lesson plans. For example, in the month of Easter the children are told stories pertaining to Easter and the students get a chance to paint bunnies, and Easter eggs as well. In the month of Thanksgiving the children are explained the various reason to be thankful so that they understand the true value of family, friends and various other reasons to be grateful for. By doing this, children get to know about the different seasons and activities that are celebrated in our country.

One of the most popular activities within our curriculum is the circle time. During circle time, we review the lesson plans that have been given previously in a very dynamic way, allowing each child to participate and feel special. Besides this, we also discuss different items within the curriculum so that the child can thoroughly grasp each and every concept. This enables children to develop continuity within the learning process, by providing them a follow up on what has been talked about in class. Children also learn faster because of the constant revision and follow ups that are being done. With a private preschool, you can be rest assured that your child will receive the individualized attention that will enable him or her to ask questions and in turn obtain a response from the teacher. Children who feel that they can speak up when they are not clear about something and receive an immediate feedback will be able to develop confidence in themselves, raising their self esteem level and making them believe in themselves. Here at Kiddie Castle Children’s Center, our goal is to always contribute towards the growth of the student.

Our staff always maintains a good communication with all the parents of the kids that are in our day care. The main reason behind this is so that parents should have first hand information for their child’s behavioral pattern. His or her likes, dislikes, shortcomings, abilities and talents are reported during the evaluations that teachers perform. By doing this, the parent is always kept abreast of what is happening while his or her child is at school. On the whole, a private preschool such as ours is a great place to allow your children to grow and develop.

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