Kiddie Castle - Daycare

At Kiddie Castle Day Care, we aim to provide your child a healthy and fun environment to learn, grow, interact and build memories. Kiddie Castle is one of the oldest preschooling systems which has been serving families for decades. At Kiddie castle, we provide a healthy environment for the kids to learn from the fun activities. Our goal is to play an essential part in developing a child’s personality, reflecting in their growth. We are passionate about nurturing the individuals who serve as a beneficial addition to the environment.

At Kiddie Castle Bryan, Texas, we deal in the following four areas for your child’s development.

Cognitive Development

In their cognitive development, we introduce your toddler to the colors, shapes, and patterns. This way, they start recognizing the objects and memorize them over time. Children are also told different stories and begin developing the habit of book reading in them. Also, we help them understand the texture of different kinds of objects and let them get the feel of things to differentiate. Children are also asked to act upon the given directions, which help them with their growing years.

Language & Communication

At Kiddie Castle, our teachers focus on children’s communication. We incorporate different verbal and nonverbal communication methods to improve the communication skills of the child. One of the everyday activities is calling out their names and asking them to remember their fellow’s names. This helps them not only in cognitive development but also they interact with each other easily.

Emotional Well-being

We aim to create a healthy and safe environment that allows your child to grow, and they love to visit our daycare daily. For that, we keep under consideration their emotional needs and try to create an environment that helps them have an emotionally healthy lifestyle. Through different learning activities and games, we teach them other emotions and freely express their feelings in any setting.

Motor Skills

Toddlers are so energetic that adults can’t meet their energy levels. So to fine-tune their motor skills, we at Kiddie castle engage toddlers in different activities. They learn daily tasks like dressing up, eating food by themselves, practicing playing with a ball, spray painting, and learning other art forms while playing.

Working mums especially find it challenging to be available for their toddlers 24/7. If you live in the nearby areas of Bryan, Texas, Kiddie Castle Day Care is the only best option available for your child’s grooming and learning. If you are looking to get them enrolled in daycare, have a visit to Kiddie Castle daycare and observe our calm and safe environment and talk to our teachers to get more information about us.