Literacy in general is one of the most important aspects of life. Without it, one cannot simply climb up the ladder of success, since it happens to be a skill that is widely required in every field. Let alone academics, but literacy is an important tool for communicating and socializing with the rest of the world, and without it one’s life is simply incomplete.

Therefore, to make sure your child is literate enough to face the harsh challenges of this world, sowing the seeds of literacy in them from an early age becomes crucial. This is because the earlier they start, the better they get at it with the passage of time. Moreover, devoting your child towards literacy from an early age can also help them develop it as a habit. For instance, if you teach your children to brush their teeth twice, daily from a tender age, then they are likely to get habituated to it and would do so for the rest of their lives. In case of literacy, it can be the exact same.

Make Reading Fun

Now, not every child may find it interesting to read, especially in the traditional manner where they are seated in their study tables with a book in front of them. This can be quite a boring task for the kids, so why coming up with interesting ways of reading becomes necessary. Well, reading can be made fun using a variety of techniques. For example, you may take your child out to libraries and book fairs to make them keen towards reading. Children learn from their surroundings and usually do what they observe. Thus, taking them to libraries and book fairs will enable them to see crowds of people shuffling through the pages of various types of books, which may invoke reading interest in their tiny minds.

Include Variety

In addition to that, you may also introduce various types of books to your kids. The books they read may not always have to be storybooks or academic books. You may hand over a children’s cookbook to your child and team up with them for a cook off. These can be some of the fun stuff that you can incorporate in the reading habits of your ward.

Therefore, all these can help your child to find reading interesting which can enable them to benefit from early childhood literacy. Children who undergo early childhood literacy have been proven to perform better academically, especially because they do not find it new to be reading books and studying once they start going to school. They also happen to interact better with people around them due to developing good communication skills. This is developed when your child asks you various questions about the book he/she is reading and you both talk about it in details. Early childhood literacy thus helps your child to ask questions and be clear about everything they face, which helps to enhance their overall performance in the future, be it in school or at the office.

Kiddie Castle

Thus, we hope you have understood how important it is for your child to be literate and how it is the best to start from an early age. We at Kiddie Castle make sure your child finds reading interesting, gets involved in what all they read and understand it fully. The compassionate and friendly teachers at our day care make sure every child finds our ambience comfortable, suitable and exciting for reading. We are proud to be instilling this glorious life skill in the tiny nation-builders of the coming days.