Having a kid who loves to learn is a blessing for most parents! All parents can agree that doing well in school is important, but curious children who actively seek new information rather than mindlessly scrolling through social media through hours are better suited to face challenges and overcome obstacles. Parents should strive to raise children who love to learn for the sake of it, rather than just studying to finish homework and move through coursework.

There have been numerous studies showing that children who love studying tend to learn things earlier and in an easier way. While formal education reaches a conclusive end, human beings are curious creatures who never stop learning. We are required to learn new skills and gain new knowledge, whether that be learning new skills for a job or learning how to work new forms of technology. This knowledge allows us to work effectively, avoid negative situations, and maintain healthy relationships with others.

Kiddie Castle is a childcare center in Texas that understands the importance of children learning outside of the classroom and staying curious. To promote this behavior in children, Kiddie Castle suggests that simple changes in a child’s routine can help to adopt a love of learning in your child. Some of the ways in which this can be done by parents are:

  • Ask Your Children About Their Day: Parents should ask their kids about things they learned at school that day. Not only will that force children to reflect upon their day, but students can cultivate a sense of pride upon realizing all of the things they’ve learned.
  • Open Up: Creating a dialogue between parents and students is important. It’s easy when the student is successful, but when students are struggling emotionally, having a dialogue already set up is beneficial because the student already feels comfortable in confiding. Parents can more easily notice when their children’s behavior changes and be proactive in helping them overcome challenges.
  • Learning in a Fun Way: This is the most effective tool for kids to see learning in a new light. Introducing new ways of studying and teaching can help them discover interests outside of school and promote learning as a positive experience.
  • Let Them Solve the Problems: As a parent, it can be tempting to want to help your student navigate every struggle and overcome every obstacle – they are your children after all. It’s important to remember that children need to learn how to work out complex problems on their own. While it can be difficult to watch them fail, this critical thinking will help your students as they become older and more self-sufficient.
  • Lastly, Put Them Off Pressure: Punishing your children for not achieving certain grades or forcing them to excel in every direction can quickly lead to burnout. Parents should encourage their children to be successful (and work with them to define what successful is because each child is unique), and they should offer emotional and academic support. In this way, students can learn to their full potential and feel fully supported along the way.

Children should love to learn both inside and outside of the classroom, and Kiddie Castle pre school actively works to present learning in a fun and engaging way. Check us out today to see how your child can benefit from our programs!