A lot of parents get worried when their workday approaches and they have to leave their baby with someone else all day, especially when this is their first time. Studies have shown that 70 percent of parents belong to the working class, who have to do their 9 to 5 jobs. And to shush away these worries, there are a lot of daycare centers operational around the states. But is it okay to send your child to any daycare center?

One must always do their thorough research by checking all the downsides and benefits and asking potential providers about the center before sending their little one in that environment. Here are things that should be noted to ensure if daycare is certified or not.

Do Proper Research

Before finalizing the daycare for your kiddo, do your research. Get recommendations from other parents you know among your friends and at work. If you don’t know anyone, start taking recommendations from your acquaintances. You may also check the online resources available for childcare referral services or you can directly get in touch with a state regulatory agency to be sure on your part.

Interview Centers

Screen all your shortlisted centers over the phone. Ask as many questions as you want to just to be sure about your choices.

Check Out the Center in Person

Once you have narrowed down your list of shortlisting by interviewing them on phone, visit the finalized centers in person. See if all the basics needed are checked. After your thorough observation, trust your gut because your gut can never be wrong about the surrounding you are in.

Check References

Try finding parents who have sent their kids to the centers you’ve shortlisted. Try talking to them and evaluate their experiences.

Drop by Unannounced

To get the truer picture of the finalized center, consider stopping by unexpectedly to see how things actually operate. If the center seems a bit reluctant about unscheduled visits, drop them off your list.

Ask about Accreditation

Authorized daycares are accredited by the NAEYC. These centers meet higher standards by promoting the safety, development, and health of kids in their care.

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