If you are becoming a parent or already a parent to a little kiddo, then you must know that your kid is going to go through a rapid phase of development and growth from the point of birth until he or is around eight years old.

Brains of children during this age develop faster than at any other age in their lives. Development of cognitive skills, the foundation of their self-esteem, social skills, the establishment of moral outlook, and perception towards the world happen during these years.

This is why these years are very critical, and as a parent, it is your responsibility to set the perfect foundation for your little one!

What is Early Education?

While Early Childhood Education (ECE) continues to be of utter importance to the public, parents, and policymakers, however, many incorrectly identify ECE as the period starting from birth till kindergarten.

Although the brain starts developing neurons through birth and the majority are developed until they are three, but early education is defined as the period from birth until they are eight.

Importance of Early Education

Many well-established pieces of research have concluded that early childhood education is of great importance as this stage is an essential building block of your child’s successful future.

Giving education during your child’s early years set up a strong foundation for their future development, providing a very strong base for their lifelong learning abilities.

Here are some of the major benefits of Early Childhood Education:

  1. Socialization: Sowing the seeds of socialization early on can help your kid develop self-confidence
  2. Holistic Development: Spending time with peers during early ages helps them in their emotional, mental, physical, and social development
  3. Value of Education: ECE leads to gaining a practical approach towards education, which in turn, entirely changes their perspective towards education
  4. Teamwork: All of us understand the concept of teamwork when we are around people but how great it would be if they learn this early in life
  5. Brain Development: Professionally crafted activities like analyzing & logical reasoning helps kids in developing their skills

If we see it this way, we will know that the young mind is just like a sponge which has the highest potential of absorbing a great deal of information.

We at Kiddie Castle understand that very well and this is why for over 35 years now, we have helped parents in developing a lifelong love of learning in their children. Call our day care in Bryan, TX today for more information