From learning in a classroom to learning on a computer and from working in an office to working in the comfort of your own home, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a new set of changes to the lives of everyone worldwide. The transition has proven difficult for many families as they learn to juggle homework, daily life, and work all within the same space. Thankfully, Kiddie Castle Preschool is here to help with a few ideas to keep everyone occupied and productive, along with a few important things to remember while attempting this balancing act.

Limit Screen Time

Many schools have launched an online long-distance learning curriculum that has allowed students to continue the school year, just a little differently than planned. This means that students of all ages are spending more time on their computers and tablets than ever before to complete their assignments. However, these devices will continue to be an outlet for children outside of their educational purposes. Aside from completing school assignments, it is important to limit screen time for your child. When they are leisurely browsing the web, consider using that time to find new crafts, projects, or outdoor adventures for you to share. TV time is also a big concern among parents, especially watching the news. Keeping up on current events and information is beneficial, but limiting the time you spend watching the news will alleviate any increased stress over an already stressful situation.

Social Distancing

Numerous jurisdictions have limited or prohibited social gatherings of any kind outside of immediate family members until further notice. Social interaction is important for child development, so naturally, parents are worried about the toll such isolation may take on their children. Though it could never beat a rendezvous at the park or a sleepover with friends, consider allowing your child to chat virtually with their classmates instead. Keeping your distance from others helps to keep you and your friends and family safer than crowding around one another. Kiddie Castle Preschool recommends that if you must partake in a face-to-face interaction with others, maintain a distance of at least six feet from one another. Give yourself a “safe space” to communicate without increasing your chance of contracting this virus and spreading it to others.

Schedule Your Time

Coming up with a game plan is always the best course of action when tackling a new problem, setback, or unfortunate circumstance. Sit down with your family and try to work out a schedule that fits the needs of everyone in your home. This routine can consist of very basic tasks to start, such as when to shower and brush your teeth. Then gradually add time slots for schoolwork, housework, your job, and of course some playtime. It is important to not feel discouraged when starting a new routine. Experts say it takes 30 days to break or create a new habit, and times are trying enough as it is. Remember to reach out to your child’s teacher, friends, and loved ones if you are experiencing an increase in concerns. We are all in the COVID-19 boat together and must continue to do our part to help everyone reach the other side.