The Benefits of a Preschool Language Immersion ProgramWe have all heard the adage that a child’s brain is ‘like a sponge’. From the instant a child is born he/she begins to learn from his/her environment. They are picking up on the language and social interactions with the people around them. For an infant it doesn’t matter which language is being used in interacting with them they are still learning. Research shows us that the child is soaking up the information cognitively just by hearing and seeing the language/s being used.

There is also a positive social-emotional aspect to becoming a bilingual child. Bilingual children tend to have more of a tie to their family, culture, and community. Children in the bilingual community are also able to make new friends and create strong relationships in their second language-an important personal skill in our increasingly diverse society.

Preschool is the perfect time to introduce an additional language to children whom are also learning their mother tongue. Early reading skills tend to come more easily to bilingual children. Learning two languages makes them aware of language as a tool they can use rather than a passive part of their environment that they have no control over. It can be exciting when the child realizes that two different words can mean the same thing- like Manzana=Apple. The main reason to enroll your child in a language immersion program is that it’s super fun!!