Having kids and raising them in today’s world is quite a big responsibility for parents as it includes training them academic wise and raising them as good human beings. The world is being so harsh these days and is the largest source of promoting negativity that it is getting quite difficult for parents to show their children the importance of kindness.

As we all know, the kids these days are all into playing with friends and playing games virtually that they lack the basic mannerism of how to involve with people, how to show the little act of kindness. In recent studies, it has been shown that when a person does little deeds of kindness, it boosts the confidence of other person and makes them happier liberating optimistic behavior and positivity.

  1. Smiling

Simply people are smiling during the day—as long as they’re family, friends, co-workers, customer service representatives, or even those people who are strangers—has many positive benefits. According to motivate any person, smiling is the best act that positively affects their mood, decreases their stress levels, and makes everyone around you feel better.

  1. Compliment Your Friends

You can’t underestimate the power of a compliment. “Compliment increase the confidences.” With the help of kind words, we can motivate the people and remind their values and talents. Every person wants to be noticed; receiving a compliment confirms that our friends and family are noticing us. Compliment provides confidence, hope, and happiness.

Remind kids to complement their friends and family regularly. Don’t forget to give out compliments whenever possible to role model this kind of act.

  1. Saying “Thank You”

Saying “thank you” to others doesn’t just make you sound respectful; it can make others feel better. “It connects bond one person to another. It has been observed that when a person says thank you to someone else for their kind actions towards them, it acknowledges the deeds, intents, and thoughtfulness of the person himself. “Thank you” is an important part of your afterschool program. It gives a gentle reminder for kids to say “thank you” if they seem to have forgotten.

  1. Contact Through Phone Call.

Remind kids to transfer their tone better whenever they connect on the phone than through text message. This means they can understand, offer support or comfort, and share enthusiasm and excitement.

  1. Make Small Talk

Small talk with your friends and families can help keep that bonding between your loved ones, such as asking about how the day was, which can turn into a simple act of kindness.

To Carry Forward

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