Valentine’s Day activities for children

Valentine’s Day activities for children

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays, but not for the mushy things. But there are plenty of fun Valentine’s Day craft ideas, Valentine’s Day activities, and, of course, Valentine’s Day sweets! It’s a lot of joy to assist children in creating charming little cards and treats for the people they care about. Some of these projects and goodies are downloadable, and they’ve all been approved by primary school students!

These Valentine’s Day crafts and activities are great to do with friends or at school. They’re also just as entertaining at home… even if your child is opting for a virtual Valentine’s Day this year.

  1. Valentine’s Day Bee Mine Bracelet
    A rainbow loom can be used to construct a yellow and black band bracelet for kids of all ages. Make a “Bee Mine” Bracelet Valentine by gluing it to construction paper!
  2. Valentine’s Day Bubbles to Make & Give
    Printable Bubble Valentines will be a hit with the kids! “Your friendship astounds me,” says one of the free printable cards you may use to complement these sweet Valentines.
  3. Valentines in watercolor
    With delightful Printable Watercolor Valentines, you can give a gift that kids will definitely utilize (and it’s not a sugary treat!) Our friendship has been described as a work of art!
  4. Give Pokémon Valentines
    Are there any Pokémon fans in your home? Pokémon Valentines will be a big hit with your kids.
  5. Valentine’s Day with the Cutest Pot of Cereal
    Simplistically Living’s Pot of Cereal Valentine will bring good luck to your kids.
  6. Preschool & Kindergarten Bee Mine Crafts
    Cut out and assemble this free printable bee, which youngsters can embellish with googly eyes and glitter. It’s a lovely Valentine’s Day decoration!
  7. Create a Counting Game for Valentine’s Day.
    The Valentine’s Day Counting Game is a fun way to practice math with the kids.
  8. Make a Sun Catcher with a Heart
    DIY Sun Catcher in the Shape of a Heart is so cute! It’s a wonderfully simple craft that even the youngest children can do!
  9. Handprint Valentine’s Day Art
    With Valentine’s Day Handprint Art, you can decorate your walls and make a charming remembrance! It’ll be a hit with kids of all ages!
  10. Homemade valentine’s day delicacies
    All of the delicious Valentine’s Day chocolate and treats are half the fun of the holiday!
  • Pretzels for Valentine’s Day are a quick and easy treat that the kids can help make.
  • Fruity Pebble Hearts — These goodies seem like rice crispier treats, but they’re made with cereal and chocolate!
  • Candy Bark for Valentine’s Day can be split into pieces and placed in lovely Valentine’s Day treat bags with ribbons and tags for your child to distribute to their classmates. 
  • Make a small box of chocolates out of an empty soap box!

S’mores for Valentine’s Day With graham crackers, marshmallows, and Valentine’s Day M&Ms, kids can make an easy dessert. Gluten-free graham crackers, gluten-free marshmallows, and gluten-free chocolate chocolates can all be used!

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